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Welcome to Organic Fuel L.A. Get to know us, a one-of-a-kind meal prep service right here in Los Angeles.

We are a local Los Angeles based meal prep company offering options that fit every lifestyle. Whether it's personal preference, allergies or a medical restriction, there is a meal plan that's just right. All our meals are made right here in L.A. County using the freshest organic ingredients around. No frozen or out-of-state food here. We believe that fresh, organic, wholesome & clean ingredients are the key to a healthy lifestyle. No icky processed, fake or hard-to-pronounce ingredients here!

We don't believe in "dieting". Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice that is continuous. The dieting mindset is a set up for failure. When we feel restricted, it causes anxiety and guilt around food. Food is meant to fuel our bodies which in turn has a nourishing affect on our mindset. Fast-food, frozen-food and take-out have made bad choices far too accessible. Sometimes, it's just easier to drive-thru or order in some pizza.

It doesn't have to be difficult. Organic Fuel L.A. will provide healthy & balanced meals that are ready to eat, simply heat them up. There is no cooking or clean up required. Meals are individually portioned or can be purchased family-meal style.

A healthy lifestyle shouldn't be a chore. It's an investment in your health, mindset and overall happiness.

We look forward to serving you soon.

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