Turning It Green Meal Prep



All meals are freshly made right here in L.A. County.

Turning It Green Meal Prep is an organic & highly customizable meal prep service.
Menus are individually created to satisfy every unique taste & diet.


Turning It Green Benefits:

Organic Ingredients

All meals are freshly prepared with the best organic ingredients available

Locally Made, Never Frozen

All meals are freshly prepared right here in L.A. Meals are delivered ready to heat & enjoy, never frozen or shipped from anywhere else.

Vegan & Vegetarian Meals

Whether you're a full-time or part-time veggie lover, there is a plan that is right for you.

Keto, Paleo, Whole30...You Name It

Meal plans are created to your specific dietary lifestyle. Plans can be altered at any time, just let us know!

Specialty Diet Plans

Gut problems? We can do cleanses, Low FODMAPS, SIBO or follow professionally advised diet plans

Crunching Those Numbers

Do you have specific macros you want to meet? We can curate meals to fit them

Eco-friendly? Yes, please!

We offer reusable glass containers for a waste-free experience. Meals are delivered in reusable bags using our EVs.

About Us

Serving South Bay, West LA, Los Angeles & surrounding areas

Turning It Green Meal Prep is the definition of custom, delicious & convenience!
We pride ourselves in creating the most customized meal prep service available.
Every meal is freshly & locally prepared using organic ingredients.


Customize Your Plan


Pricing & Delivery

$11 vegan/vegetarian meal

$13 omnivore/pescatarian

$10 delivery fee

*Specialty diet & higher macro diet may differ in pricing*


West L.A.*, Los Angeles & surrounding areas



South Bay & West L.A.*

*A delivery day & time will be confirmed Saturday*



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